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Essay writing is an art. Art comes from hard work and perseverance. No one teaches it and no school has been established in the world to acquire this art. Essay is the personality of the writer in which he looks at his own shadow. Though the author’s thoughts are their own, they are not subjective. He renders the subject in an absolute or neutral sense.

Three things are important in the essay

(a) The Introduction, (b) The Body, (c) The Conclusion. Following are the properties of the preamble

(a) The Introduction (1) It should be subtle and catchy.

(2) It does not contain any explanation of the conclusion.

(3) It is only an indication of what kind of arguments the author is going to make.

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(b) The Body – The body has to be divided into several paragraphs, including all the ideas the author has to present on a topic. Each paragraph presents a synopsis of the views of the author.

(c) Conclusion – This is the part in which the author makes an epilogue, so this part is short like a preface – about 1/5 of the total length, if the event is described, then the author’s reactions to the event are given in the conclusion. can. Following are the characteristics of a good essay

(i) Brevity, (ii) Accurate and Apt expression, (iii) Absence of repetition, (iv) Attractiveness.


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