Violence Against Women and its Remedial Measure


Life is said to be a carriage drawn on two wheels-man and woman. For the smooth running of the carriage, the two wheels should be indentical in every respect. Can one ever think of making a wheel weaker? No, no sane person would do it. But in practical life we find that woman has been discriminated against almost in all fields. She is given second rate treatment. Society has exploited woman in every way. This discrimination and exploitation starts the moment a female child is born-nay even before it. So often the female child is not allowed even to see the light of the day.

In theory, equal rights, equal opportunities and equal treatment are guaranteed to woman by our constitution. But in practice woman has been subjected to all sorts of cruelties and discrimination. She has never been given her rightful place.

Our culture, in particular, has rightly held woman in the highest esteem. Laxmi is the goddess of wealth, Saraswati of knowledge and Durga of power. But woman has been imprisoned in the four-walls of the home. her duties to look after the household and rear children.

Woman power was powerfully exhibited during the freedom movement. Our social reformers had long been advocating the cause of woman. With the growth of female-education, the capabilities of women were aptly displayed in various fields and they demanded their due. They outdid their male competitors on various occasions and asserted their rightful claims being taken to meet the legitimate demands of women constitutionally. The strongly. Steps are government is trying to move a bill in Parliament to give reservation to women in all elected bodies. The current year has been declared as the Empowerment year for woman. Let us hope that it doesn’t meet the fate of just a slogan. Through audio-visual media public is being educated to give up traditional

views about woman. Woman are also being encouraged to come forward in big way and play their role.

It has been marked that at times women themselves prove an obstacle. to their cause. They fail to hold and maintain the dignity of their sex. On occasions they fail to behave like dignified individuals but allow themselves to be presented as commodities and just showpieces.

Now there is no going back. Woman shall have her rights. The sooner it is realised the better it would be for the nation, for the entire humanity. The day woman is given her lawful rights, man’s claim to be ‘civilized’ will be evidently endorsed.


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