United We Stand, Divided We Fall


“United we stand and divided we fall”, is a famous saying. It is true even today and was the same in the past and will be same in future. No doubt, unity is strength. There are many facts and examples that can be given from the history to support this view. So national integration is very necessary today. India’s unity should be preserved at all costs if we want to see her a strong, prosperous and big nation of the world.

In the past India was divided into many states. The kings ruled in the states and fought among themselves. Invaders from outside came to India defeated us and ruled on us for many years. They carried a lot of wealth from India like Mohammed Gauri. The Mughals came and ruled India for centuries right from Babur to Aurangzeb. It is a matter of great shame that such a vast country was ruled by few foreigners. We had to remain at their mercy for many years. They led their life in pomp and show and enjoyed all the blessings. of Heaven.

Since indépendence, communalism, regionalism, casteism, and languages have been continuous threat to our freedom. On the basis of these differences, tendancy of separation has been working. There have been several anti Hindi agitations. The problem of Mizo, Nagas, Naxalites, Gorkhas, and Punjab have threatened the solidarity of the country. Nowadays, terrorists in Punjab and Kashmir have created havoc by killing innocent men, women and children everyday. They have misused the holy Swarna Mandir for their terroristic activities. Still we sometimes hear about Hindu-Muslim riots. Slogans “Indians go back” are heared in Kashmir.

There are some foreign countries which do not want to see India a strong and prosperous country. They encourage the antinational elements in India and help them with sabotage training and arms. Pakistan openly helps the terrorists in Punjab. China and America also support the separatists. The government has been confronting these problems efficiently.

The government had set up a committee under the presidentship of Dr. Sampurnanand to suggest the ways for national integration in 1962, since then 20th October is observed as “National Solidarity Day”.

National integration can only be possible when the people themselves inculcate in them the feeling of nationality and patriotism. It can only be possible when the people are able to strengthen the feelings of unity.


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