Science is a Good Servant But a Bad Master


“Life of today is governed and conditioned by off shoots of science and is very difficult to imagine existence without them.”

-Jawahar Lal Nehru Modern age is the age of scientific inventions and discoveries. Science has given eyes to the blind, ears to the deaf, tongue to the dumb and legs to the lame. Indeed it is a boon to mankind. Science has changed every field of life. Science had made impossible things possible. Science has made man’s life comfortable. It has helped man to conquer land, water and air.

Science has given great power in the hands of man. It has become a great boon to us. Blessings of Science are as follows:

Electricity is the most wonderful invention of modern science. Electricity

has now taken the place of steam and petrol. In fact, Science is nothing but electricity it is used as a source of power, as a source of light and heat and as curative for certain diseases. It cooks our food, washes our clothes, grinds our floor and lights our houses and streets. Elecricity is an obedient servant, Electricity can do what a slave cannot do. Science has given us means of recreation. Cinema, Radio and Television. have made man’s life pleasant. Cinema is the cheapest form of recreation.

Science has minimised time and distance. Like birds we can fly in the air, like fish we can swim in water. With the help of science we can talk to our friends and relatives. With the help of science we have reached the moon.

and other planets in space. Travelling has now become safer and more


Modern science is very helpful in agricultural and industry. Tube-wells, tractors and chemical manures are modern means of agriculture for rich crops. Mechanised farming produce crops and cash crops and raw materials. Big and huge machines in large-scale industries are producing the things of our daily use in large quantities at cheaper cost.

Science is the back-bone of modern civilization. It has given printing. presses which print thousand of books and newspapers daily. They are spreading education and civilisation far and wide. U.G.C. programme on T.V. is most beneficial for students.

Science has made modern arms very horrible and destructive. Machine guns, Rockets, Atom and Hydrogen bombs and Tanks can kill thousands of innocent men, women and children in one time. Poisonous gases are causing several diseases. Machines have proved to be great curse to human life. They have made man lazy and weak. Thus, science is a good servant but a bad master.

Science has given power in the hands of man. He has completely conquered nature. So a good use of science is a boon and misuse is a curse. We can take breakfast in Kashmir, lunch in Mumbai and dinner in Kolkata.

“Nothing is good or worse but thinking makes it so.” -Shakespeare


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