Science and Religion – XETO OFFICIAL


We live today in the age of science and cannot do without it even for a moment. Science is based on observation and experiments and its basis is rationalism.

Religion any one of the many-has into base on conviction and faith. But that does not mean that it negates ‘reason. Even faith has reason behind it which the originaters, propagators and protagonists of that religion, have identified in laying down its tenants. It should only show that path of an honest and desirable living and if how religion is interpreted than there are no cross road with science as science also aims at a better way of life of science is rightly issued bond not misused.

Science has shown how the mind of man has evolved gradually to probe into the mysteries of nature. Much ealier had Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet’. there are many thing in heaven and earth which are beyond our philosophies and those mystries which were beyond our philosophies are getting unravelled and discovered. Science has opened up so many fresh avenues of life. The impossible seems possible now. Still there is one mystery which science has yet not been able to unravel is ‘What after Life ? Is there anything life a ‘soul? If there is what happens to it after the body dies.

Religion has a very wide field and one should not misunderstand that it lies in certain ceremonies. Religion embodies within the concept of what life is ment for, what is the meaning of a man’s existence? How life has been created why these are men, animals and birds. Who created this earth, who created the law of gravitation which keeps earth, the sun, the moon, the stars at their places? There must be some supreme power. Otherwise the man would have not died. This does not mean that religion has an answer to all these questions but it makes one set thinking of some. Supreme power beyond human power and religion has been endeavouring to reveal that mystery. There is a no laboratory to observe and experiment and discover. The human mind, the human spirit makes its own efforts and religion helps in that effort.


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