Rationalistic religion : The silver lining between communal disharmony


The last fifty years have seen the partition of India repeated communal riots, demolition of temples and mosques and breaking up of communal freindships. Islam has always been militant in character throughout history. Hindusism has never been militant in character. It has been largely rational in character.

But neither are all Muslims militant nor all Hindus tolerant in this. country. Both communities have black sheep. Both communities have divisive forces, Religion is the most powerful weapon in their hands. ‘Islam in danger’ and Har Har Mahadeo’ are their warcries. Religion is not to blame Fanaticism is to blame, dirty politics is to blame. Politics is the last refuge of the scounderrels Self-seeking politicians exploit religious sentiments of their followers.

All religions preach love and kindness. All religions emphasise the brotherhood of mankind and the unity of life. All religions teach a sense of values. We cannot banish religion just because it is the most powerful weapon for the divisive forces. The need is to inculcate a scientific temper and reational thinking by means of proper education. True religion is rationalistic and humane.


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