Problem of Unemployment – XETO OFFICIAL


Unemployment is individual’s social and political problem. It is one of the foremost problem of country which we are facing for last fourty years. Unemployment means out of work. The person who is willing to do some work to earn his living but has no work, is known as unemployed. Indeed, the individual who has no means of earning his bread by means of honest labour becomes a burden on the society. The society which has unemployed members is bound to be unhappy and backwards. The state which is not able to provide employment to its people cannot be prosperous and cannot be called a Welfare State.

There are three kinds of unemployment rural, urban and educated. India is a land of villages. More than 75% people of our country live in villages and depend upon agriculture. But the land is limited. So there is unemployment among the villages. Some have work todo while others have a part time or seasonal employment. This has led to their migration to big cities and towns in search of jobs. There are unsufficient avenues for and remain unemployed. The problem of unemployment of the educated persons is most serious. It is

assessed that more than two crore educated persons are unemployed. There are various causes of unemployment:

Such as: (i) Slow progress of development work, (ii) Excessive increase in the number of educated persons, (iii) Improper use of economic sources, (iv) Lack of co-ordination between planning and manpower, (v) Decline of small industries, (vi) Localization of industries, (vii) Present system of education.

Unemployment is not only a problem but a social evil. An idle mind is a devil’s workship. Beveridge says, “The greatest evil of unemployment is not physical and moral, nor the want which it may bring out the hatred the fear which it breeds. “Idleness, even on, an income, corrupts and the feeling of not being wanted demoralizes.


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