On the Need of Universality of Religion


The religion is the matter of future than past. We must give up narrow controvercial ideas about religion. The main drawback of religion in its intolerance. As for we think according to narrow views, religion is on the plane of rituals and religious ceremony. But when we come on plane of universalism above narrow ideals became vain.

The scope of religion is vast, wide and universal. Swami Vivekananda always believed in the universality of religion. He believed that religion is a pure, real and liberal concept which produces the wide open and liberal ideas in the minds of persons. This concept also sweeps away the narrow, limited and traditional ideas in respect of religion. All narrow ideas must be given up and good ideas of future should be welcomed.

Religions only enemy was intolerance. It destroys the good moral ideals and universality of religion. It makes the religion narrow and limited. Religion should be inclusive, liberal and universal. Its universality depends on its world wide ideas and principles which are based on reason and logic. Modern sceptics can be made to accept religion by putting the true concept of religion that enlighten the ideas of the persons who mis-interpret religion for the narrow and sort-term vested interests.

According to Vivekanand religion and science are two brothers. They must join together. Believe in reason based religion. Some people think that religious ideas are dying but it is not so. When religion was in the narrow sense it was the matter of temple, mosque, books etc. but when it is in the sense of universalism it is vast. So universal goodness must be preserved for future. New goodness should be add in the existing goodness. True religion is rationalistic and humane.


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