Management of Change – XETO OFFICIAL


In today’s world the state is becoming powerless because of the coming up of various international bodies. The development today is very uneven and in this multipolar world order is the need of the day. There is more of disorder than order in today’s world.

In our world, the benefits of development has been few, while development disasters have been numerous problems like population explosion, starvation, un-employment, terrorism seem hard to control. There are major alteration in the international economic order. Trade patterns continue to be unfavourable to the third world. So if our problem solving capacities cannot be sharpen we are doomed.

Even today the state is a viable unit to settle certain matters. But there are few problems in which the state is losing its supremacy and power-Now the position of the state is not so strong and now even the old tested methods have lost their effect. It is all due to the multifarious activities of development and its allied problems.

It has been found out that development plans could not produce the expected results. But a voice of dissert is also heard at certain places particularly from the third world nations or the developing countries. Now there lies a hope for there countries in the establishment of an international organisation which way help them is need and that too without the imposition of conditions.


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