Internet and e-mail: Milestone in Communication


Internet is one of the most revolutionary inventions of the century. It is a worldwide collection of computer network. It provides access to communication services and information resources to millions of users around the globe. It is also called, the ‘Network of Networks.

Initially, the concept of internet flashed upon the mind of America’s defence department called ‘Advance Research Project Agency’. It was in the year 1960. when the USA and the USSR were involved in cold war. At that time, USA needed to send some urgent messages to their Army, Navy and Airforce. Hence, to establish this communication-gap they used the medium of electronic tests based on Internet. Gradually, the fame of Internet spread all over the world and it took little time to attract many educational institutions, business organizations and scientific research agencies situated all over the world. In 1969, the first version of network was built and it connected four Universities together under

the name Arpanet.. Internet is a cheap and the fastest means of communication. We can get information, provide information and compile information in no time. The internet offers access to-data, graphics, sound, text and people through a variety of services and tools for communication and data exchange.

The E-mail is one of the most important services provided on the Internet. It is an electronic means of mail. Through E-mail you can send letters, documents, information and projects from one part of the world to another almost instantaneously.

“There is a newsgroup, where the various users take part in group discussions on a particular topic. You can also chat with other users on the Internet.

In this chat program, written messages are displayed online. You can also play games with other users on-line. In the business world, you can sell and buy the products over the internet. It is treated as a Global Market because the whole world has access to you.

You can find and choose jobs on the Internet. One of the very popular features, of the Internet is the World Wide Web (WWW). The Web is a collection of locations, that offers an attractive and easy means to use interface.

To access the Internet, the essential components required are a computer, a telephone connection and Modem. Beside these, hardware requirements a communication Software is also required.

Modem is a transmitting device which helps in transferring analog signals into digital signals and vice-versa. The Computer understands digital signals whereas in telephone wires analog signals are passed.


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