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Information technology is important and indispensable to the life of human beings. Transmission, recording of memory and processing of information are three essential process of information. Libraries are the backbone of all information sciences. Virtually, the information technology has been changing everyday. The basic challenge of the

coming decade is how to make the already available technologies as useful and friendly to a user as the telephone or television set is to the common man.

Computers are major segment of the new information technologies. The phenomenal growth of semi-conductor technology and the proliferation of the semi-conductor memory devices has brought into the society computers that you can carry personal computers that can do anything for you, say record a message and phone back an answer.

With the help of satellite communication, the transmission of data has become very fast. The data can be telexed, the voice over a telephone can be transmitted on local, national and international net work. The transmission of images through technology, that’s via a T. V. is again going to be a major challenge, as how to combine all these three components of information technology into one. It would involve creating various problems. Firstly, the privacy that goes with it. For further, add to the impact of communication, if one can switch over from voices to images and data depending on an individual’s need.

It is major challenge before the society at large and the library professionals as to how to compress a library into a computer. Moreover, on the user’s part it is not easy to sit at a terminal and read. Basically, some psychological and social changes have to be inbuilt in the minds of the young children especially, so that they grow up with the habit of reading on a computer screen.


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