Industrialisation and Pollution – XETO OFFICIAL


The problem of polluted air, water and soil has become grave and

worldwide. Particularly developed and developing countries have been badly facing the problem. By pollution, we mean the destruction of purity. Here we simply concern with the pollution of air and water. Our country is also a sufferer in this respect. Like other problems as deforestation, unemployment, poverty, it is also a product of our growing population. Industrialisation, automobiles, atomic plants are continuously polluting air and water. Smoke coming out through.

the chimneys of factories and that leaving out by automobiles has greatly

polluted the air. Breathing of such polluted air, has caused fatal diseases like

asthma, cancer, tuberculosis, eye troubles etc.

Wastes, left out by the factories, oil refineries and atomic plants are stored on open lands or thrown into rivers, have polluted the air and water. Such rotten material produces poisonous gases and bad odour. Dead bodies thrown in holy rivers also pollute the water. In big cities drainage and sewage system are very defective. Wastes and rubbish through them are flown out into rivers or stored in open pits. It pollutes the air and water very much.

The government is now aware of the problem and is trying to check it. It has taken some safety measures. It has started a project to clean the Ganga and prevent any further pollution. Some arrangements have also made in the Mathura refinery and other refineries to check pollution.

These are some natural and effecive sources to purify the air. It has been noticed that a large number of saplings are planted throughout the country. The government has begun to observe a festival for planting saplings. This festival is known Van-Mahotsava. Now, a great attention is given to look after the newly planted saplings and the cutting of a tree is considered a serious crime. Trees save us from pollution.

The government is taking steps to prevent pollution. Factories have been banned in Agra and other towns. It has been made compulsory to arrange for check measures on the factories to prevent air pollution. Rivers have been cleaned under this plan. Water pollution is being prevented, as factories have been banned to drain their polluted water in the main steam of river.


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