Global Terrorism – XETO OFFICIAL


We often hear sensational news and reports of terrorism. It may be about a murder of an eminent politician or kidnapping of a foreign tourists in Kashmir by terrorists in order to blackmail a government to concede their just or unjust demands. Highjacking of aeroplanes are common now-a-days. Bomb explosion taking place in crowded area or near the residences of politicians.

These anti-social or anti-national activities are performed by the terrorists in order to get the attention of the National Government or the World community focussed on a certain problem or to get their just or unjust demands. Terrorism is an international problem which has made our lives unsafe and precautious. We do not know at what moment we may be the victim of a bomb explosion or railway accident or the crash of aeroplane or by some other means.

We may classify terrorism into two categories-Positive and Negative. Positive terrorism is one in which the aims are good. For example, a number of Indian patriots took terrorism against British government and to force it to grant freedom of India. The terrorism of South Africa and North Ireland etc., may be included in this category. This type of terrorism is understandable since its aims are good for mankind. But we would not recommend such means for even right ends. In order to secure the achievement of noble ends, right

way must be employed. Negative terrorism is one in which unsatisfied section of a community

holds the entire community to ransom in order toget fulfilled its recasteism demands. The terrorism of Punjab which has spread it tentacles even across the borders of India is of this type. This year bomb explosions killed chief minister

of Punjab. The Indian Government has already passed Anti-terrorist bill providing punishment to those engaged in acts to terrorism. There is need to strengthen the intelligence, law and order enforcement should co-operate in fighting against terrorism.

There is need to take effective steps to wipe out terrorism in order that the people may live peacefully. No man is an island entirely of himself. Everybody is a part of the main. So problem of terrorism should be solved effectively.


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