English as a Global Language


English is a foreign language. But it is a global language because it is spoken and written in many countries of the world. It has its importance in science, industry and politics. Some people Oppose english that it was brought into India by British rulers. Now we are free. English is a difficult to learn etc. But a language is a medium to express oneself and be understood. India is a developing country. It is necessary to change economic, social and political life of the people. For this purpose English is necessary to understand the books on different subjects. Our foreign policy is based on peaceful co-existence some good medium is necessary for exchange of ideas. Hence, English is necessary as it is widely used in the world.

English is a link language. For the progress of country in scientific field English is helpful, so we must learn English to stand face to face before other countries. China, Russia and Japan these three countries are learning English to progress in scientific field.

Students joining foreign business or foreign study will have to learn English. If we leave it we have to learn French. This French learning too is very costly. English is a ladder to modern progress. Now we are facing competition in every field of life. So it is very difficult to stand without the knowledge of English.


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