Democratic Decentralisation – XETO OFFICIAL


India is said to be the largest democracy in the world in terms of numbers. Democracy is the form of gorvernment in which people’s will is supreme. Since in the present day big countries, it is not possible for the entire population : of a country togather at one place and deliberate and control the affairs. Government is therefore, carried by the elected representatives of the people. of all the political forms of governments democracy is considered to be the best of all. Democracy is therefore, the most cultrured and civilized political institution.

Democracy is the temple in which there is only idol to do worship and that is the idol of the people. Democracy provides to its people, freedom of thought, speech and action. Elections, are held after a certain specified number of years. General Elections have been held in India for several times. It shows that the foundations of democracy there are stable. In comparison, in most of the neighbouring countries, like Pakistan, Bangladesh, sudden overthrow of Governments have been witnessed. Army rule has been imposed in those countries and people enjoy less freedom as we do in India.

It is not mere holding of elections that is important, but people in India have developed mature judgements. When they found that a particular political party failed to represent their feelings, people of India have voted that party. out. In 1977, the Congress (I) was defeated at the polls. Within two and half years, when the Indian people felt that the Janata Government was unable to deliver the good, they brought back Congress (I). In the recent past, also many surprising political changes have been witnessed in the State elections. In Haryana and Punjab, the Congress (I) was defeated at the elections. This is despite the fact that majority of the electorate is still not very highly educated.

But by and large, people in India have developed mature judgement which is imperative for the success of democracy. The Indian electorate has once again voted the Congress (I) out of power in the recent general elections.

It is matter of serious concern that many drawbacks have crept into our democratic structure. Majority of the political leaders in our country have become corrupt and self-seeking. At times, one finds that democracy in our country is no longer the government of the people, for the people and by the people. It is only a handful self-seeking leaders who are ruling the country without any regard to the public welfare which should be the important aspect of any democracy. Once elected, the ruling party forgets the voters and starts filling up their own coffers This is certainly not healthy for the continuance of democracy. If the people of our country are vigilant only then there lies some hope for the future of democracy in India.


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