Define packaging. What is the purpose and function of packaging? Describe the characteristics of a good package


Meaning and Definition of Packaging

Nowadays packaging is of great importance. For this reason, consumers find goods in the market packed in paper boxes, beautiful shaped vials and tin or plastic boxes. Packaging is the art by which goods are protected, differentiated from other producers and customers are attracted. Packaging is also considered an important part of marketing management. In today’s competitive business era, packaging has played an important role in making the commodity attractive.

(1) William J. According to Stanton (William J. Stanton), “Packaging may be defined as a set of general activities of commodity planning involving the production and design of wrappings or containers for a commodity.”

(2) R. s. According to RS Daver, “Packaging is the art and science concerned with the development and use of materials, methods and equipment for enclosing or making the shell suitable for packaging a product, so that the product is distributed. To be completely safe while going through various stages.

Objectives Packaging

The following objectives of good packaging are found (i) The main purpose of packaging is to make the product attractive, such as presenting cosmetics in a pack of attractive design.

(ii) To satisfy the needs of the consumers.

(iii) To increase the demand of the consumers.

(iv) To rectify the declining condition of present consumer demand.

(v) To increase profits by establishing good perception about the goods.

Functions of Packaging

Most of the people believe that packaging is only to provide protection to the goods, but this idea is not suitable, because packaging does not only provide protection to the goods, but also increases the value of the goods and in their sales promotion. is also helpful. The front end of packaging is

(1) Protection – The main function of packaging is to protect or protect the product produced from breakage, rotting, insects, etc.

(2) Convenience – The packaging enables the product to be transported conveniently from one place to another to the intermediaries and consumers.

(3) Advertising – Due to attractive packaging, consumers themselves get attracted towards it and get to know about it. In this way a good package also does the job of good advertising and sales promotion.

(4) Profit Possibilities – If the packaging is strong and attractive, then the benefits are increased by getting higher prices of the product from the consumers.

(5) Identification – When the same item is manufactured by different producers, packaging is especially helpful for different identification of its product. Packaging introduces itself through its different colours, forms, sizes etc.

(6) Storage: Goods are also properly packaged for storage so that both convenience and safety can be achieved in storing them and less space is also used.

Characteristics of a Good Package

It has already been clarified that packaging helps in serving many purposes but it is to be mentioned that the package will be able to fulfill the desired objectives only if it contains some important features. A good package should have the following characteristics

(1) Attention-package should be such that it attracts the attention of the people. This feature of the package is particularly important in modern competitive times. A customer does not see the object in the very beginning.

He is impressed by the package and expresses his desire to see the item.

(2) Identification – The package should be such that it can be easily recognized, that is, once seen, the customer can recognize it immediately.

(3) To generate interest – which can create and maintain interest in the mind of the customer about the product.

(4) Arousing desire – The package should be such that seeing the desire of the customer to get the product.

(5) Purchase obligation compels the customer to purchase the product.

(6) Safety can fully protect the product.

(7) Product Image – Improve the product image.

(8) Useful – prove useful even after the use of the product, such as ‘Dalda’ or ‘Rath’ Ghee

Cans can be used to store other household items after use.

(9) Keep reminding – The package should be such that the product keeps on reminding even after the sale, so that it can be sold again.

(10) Convenience – The package should be such that it is convenient to carry the product.

Importance and Need of Packaging

Packaging has a lot of importance in the present competitive era. There are different types of goods in the market. In the competition of these goods, producers make their goods attractive,

Can be popularized on the basis of strong and useful packaging. Nowadays, the importance of packaging is not only because the goods get safety in it, but also because on the basis of packaging, not only the value of the item but also the sales result can be increased. The idea of ​​packaging is not production oriented but marketing oriented. Packaging protects the product, facilitates transportation and increases sales. It fulfills the needs of the customers and provides them complete satisfaction. The benefits of packaging can be studied under the following heads

Manufacturers or products get the following benefits from packaging-

(1) Attractiveness- Beautiful and effective packaging enhances the attractiveness of the product. Some people have even gone so far as to say that the attractiveness of packaging is what sells the packaging, not the product.

(2) Safety – Packaging provides protection to the product as a result of which not only does it protect it from spoilage but also increases its lifespan.

(3) Sales promotion – Having attractive packaging provides the facility to advertise and promote sales.

(4) Prevention of adulteration The packaging minimizes the possibility of adulteration of the product.

(5) Convenience in Storage – Packaging provides convenience in the storage of the product.

(6) Increase in reputation – Beautiful and strong packaging enhances the reputation of the manufacturer.

(7) Sales Growth – Packaging provides unprecedented help in the sales growth of the product.

(II) Benefit to intermediaries

The following benefits accrue to intermediaries from packaging:

(1) Convenience in Identification – The packaging facilitates identification of the product.

(2) Convenience in Transportation Packaging facilitates the movement of the product from one place to another.

(3) Convenience in display and sale Packaging facilitates the display and sale of the product to the customers.

(4) Convenience in storage – Packaging provides convenience in the storage of the product.

(5) Convenience in advertising Packaging provides convenience in advertising the product. Attractive packaging advertises the product itself.

(III) Benefit to consumers

Consumers get the following benefits of packaging:

(1) Convenience in bringing – Packaging provides convenience in bringing the product to the consumers.

(2) There are less possibilities of adulteration, the consumer gets the product in its original form. Chances of adulteration are reduced.

(3) Advice – The literature printed along with the packaging advises the consumers on the proper use of the goods so that the consumers take full advantage of them.

(4) Convenience in identification – Attractive packaging facilitates the consumer to identify the product.


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