Condition of Women in India


After the second world war there were dramatic changes in the political and social order of human kind. The decade of the 50s was dominated by the theme of liberty. The decade of the 60s insisted on development. The decade of the 70s has a trend of development and woman equality and their problems. Feminism emerged as a powerful movement.

Contrary to expectations, however, during the first two decades of independence there was less concern for problems related to women. During

the 70s the gender question, sexual inequality, exploitation, women’s and problems came to occupy an important place in research and action programmes. This was a part of the global trend. status

The quality of development planning and its implementation depend on an adequate and efficient information system. Census methodology has failed to record much of women’s work that goes into the house hold economy Many of the programmes in rural areas have been directed exclusively towards men. In the capital intensive sectors women are assigned low paid unskilled jobs.

There is a need for taking into consideration the cultural and social structural variations. Rules of inheritance, family structure, marital residence,

seclusion are necessary for understanding situation of women. True development is possible only when the laws are changed to some extent. We will have to arise woman consciousness. We will have to involve woman, practically in planning and development.


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