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India is stirring to enter 21st century with great hopes of prosperity and progress. But we must be careful about our programmes and plannings. 22nd century will come even if we do nothing, then we were careless. We must, enter 22nd century with a great courage and a loud voice and our voice will count for much in the community of nations. Computer plays an important role to improve conditions of nations. We can effectively realize our dreams through a proper net work.

Some advanced countries have got their target by computer revolution.

India also declared its computer policy in November, 1984 and had opened a new chapter of computer revolution in the history of India.

Computer History in India-The first computer in India was built in 1966 by Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. After a while Bhabha Atomic Research Centre added to computers in series. Manufacturing of computer on a commercial basis have given further

momentum of the computer revolution in India from the establishment of the Electronic Corporation of unemployment. But Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi said, that the use of electronic will not accentuate the problem of unemployment. On the other hand, it will provide employment to a great number of people. Use of electronics can be safely and carefully made in agriculture for weather forecasting and soil testing.

Recently the use of computer was made in the last Lok Sabha and Assembly elections by the ruling party. Computer played a great and important

role in real analysis of election results. The Government has established National Information Centre in New Delhi under Electronics Commission which is fitted with most advanced and accurate computers.

The use of computer proves more beneficial in banks. There are plans to fit computers at the headquarters of all the nationalized banks. The use of computer in transport system has been found to be very useful. The International airlines have already got it.

Post and telegraph, military, industries and education will revolutionise

the working of these departments by the help of computers. The use of computer will be beneficial if we should try to become self reliant in each and every field, raises standard of living of our people. Then the use of computer will be meaningful and fruitful in the field of education in the time to come. It will make out life quick, dynamic and systematic.


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