College Elections – XETO OFFICIAL


Almost in every college there is provision for forming a Students Union. The office bearers are elected by the students to manage the affairs of the union under the guidance and supervision of the Principal. Hence elections are held in the beginning of the academic session after the admissions are over. The purpose of these elections is to provide a sort of democratic training to the students at the college level and to teach them how to become good citizens. The system also trains the students to shoulder responsibility. The Principal issues a notice to the students to file nominations for the various offices of the Students Union. The defective nominations are rejected on scruiting. Then a date is fixed for the election. Ballat papers are printed confidentially. Students who compete in the election visit different classes and request other students to vote in their favour.

The day before the election, a meeting is arranged. The contestants are allowed to explain the purpose of their condidature. Each contestant is allowed to speak for a few minutes only. The most interesting part of the meating is that contestants for the part of the dramatic secretary make many humours and jokes and all sing film songs in order to please the students and draw their voltes.

Lecturers are appointed as the polling officers. The students of the different classes assemble in different rooms on the election date. They collect ballot papers from the polling offices. With proper mark on the suitable condidates name in the ballat paper, they fold the paper and insert it into the box. The polling comes to an end by 2 p.m. Then the votes are counted by the officers in presence of the student-agents. The results are declared soon after the counting. Sometimes, the principal withholds the result; sometimes he cancels the poll and orders for repolling. It happens only in the situation of malpractice and unfairness in the polling.


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