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Environment is a place where humans as well as plants and animals live. Keeping it clean and neat is our responsibility. It is necessary to keep our environment clean to get fresh air, reduce pollution etc. An unclean environment leads to a bad condition of a society, arrival of diseases and many more. Keeping our environment clean is very important part our lives in these days. It is important to focus on this as we have to make sure that the environment is preserved for future generations. Water pollution and litter are considered to be two of the main cause of the environment being dirty,

People most of the times throw litter and dust on the footpaths and roads instead of throwing it in dustbins. This is how slowly the little accumulate and transforms into huge garbage. If this grabage is not dump in far open area in time it smells, stink and welcomes the diseases and the people are affected by it. Thus if we don’t keep air environment clean there would be many problem which will be faced by society and people who live in that environment.

Use dustbins and set a good example, it will help in keeping the society. clean. Plant trees in your society and take care of that. Trees will help in controlling the pollution atleast a little bit. Having lots of trees in your society will help you have fresh air for you and your kids, maintain good health, and with a beautiful green society you can inspire others to follow the track and save the city and environment.

Restore water, use eco-friendly things, do not dump electronic gadgets etc. Be eco-friendly by using bicycle instead cars that makes a lot of noise and increases air pollution. Don’t just throw away the plastic bottles or plates or polythene bags that you used, but instead use them and recycle it for betterment of the environment. Plastic takes years to decompose and is hazardus if the plastic are burnt or thrown away, so, recycle plastics.

So, we should keep our environment clean and green for a smell free, disease free live by implementation on it we can reduce pollution get fresh air, live peaceful life without any problems.


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