Awareness for Environmental Conservation – XETO OFFICIAL


The term ‘Environmental awareness’ has become a very important term as it not only implies having knowledge about the environment, but also our moral values and nursery education to solve environment related problems. Having environmental awarness is the resposibility of every citizen. Today environmental degradation is a matter of great concern. In the name of development, we have consumed our natural resources ruthlessly and polluted our environment. Scarcity of water, increasing levels of wastes, air pollution, and global warming are some common issue of which pore a great threat to environment.

When it comes to creating awareness of environmental conservation, nations should start it at primary level of education by including it as a subject in the curriculum. Various public groups, communities, clubs and organisations need to come to action for both creating awareness and conservation of environment. Government’s support and initiative is a must.

Both at global and individual louds, human has to behave responsible for conservation of environment. Awareness has initiated a campaign towards. environment conservation.


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