Advertisements: Their Needs and Value


The twentieth century is the age of advertisements. With the development of science and modern technology, the production of goods has increased very much. There is a keen competition among the businessmen to sell their products by building up brands.

The merchants and businessmen advertise their goods in the newspapers and magazines and on the radio, T.V. and Internet Advertising increases their sales. Particularly T.V. has proved to be a very effective business promoting medium. On the T.V. we have the advertisements of different kinds of goods, particularly of consumer durables, washing powders, cosmetics, cookers, vehicles, biscuits, medicines ate, in an attractive manner. Some of thei advertisements are so attractive that we have their text on the tip of our tongue. The newspapers and magazines are full of catchy advertisements.

Everything has two aspects the good one and the bad one. The same is

the case with all advertisements. Some businessmen who do not produce standard quality of goods have increased their sales through attractive advertisements.. On the contrary, the producers of standard quality of goods have had to suffer because they lacked money to spend on advertisements.

The advertisements about different kinds of dishes in the glossy magazines seem to be very attractive. An ordinary Indian housewife can not afford to prepare such attractive dishes.

Some advertisements on the T.V. have an adverse effect on the tender minds of the children as well as the adolescents. For example, the adver tisements about liquor, cigarettes and contraceptives have an adverse effect on our youngsters. These advertisements – encourage them to drink, smoke and indulge in sex. Even a small boy or girl of today knows the names of different wines, cigarettes and contraceptives. Such advertisements should be discouraged. So also sex in advertisements must be discouraged.

Commercial advertisements are no doubt a blessing to the modern man. The consumers are expected to be alert and not be misguided by the attractive advertisements.

They should find out the quality of goods before buying them. The multimedia must also act in a responsible manner. Political advertisement is a striking feature of democracy. It educates the masses. It is used to attract the voters. Thus advertisements are no longer looked down upon. They serve an – important social, economic and educational purpose.


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